About Us

Our entire Sandy Bay Divers staff is fueled by a passion to explore and conserve the undersea environment.

With years of local and international diving expertise, diving takes on a different and more majestic role for us. We focus on providing our customers the safest and best concierge diving experience on the island while educating and exploring the Mesoamerican Reef System.

We only hire experienced professional dive masters and instructors with different backgrounds and styles but always with you in mind. You can rest assured that our professional diving staff had been well vetted and are ready to exceed your expectations. That's my personal guarantee Jeff Hartley, Owner.

I am Jeff Hartley, the owner of Sandy Bay Divers in Roatan, Honduras. Trust me when I say owning a dive shop in the Caribbean is not something I ever had even considered until a brief visit to the Island with some friends of mine in September of 2021.

These friends had visited a few times and constantly spoke about how they fell in love with the place and the people that is Roatan. It did not take long for me to figure out why. It was then that I discovered the direction I wanted my life to take, after retirement from Boeing, and it involved Roatan. I did not yet know what that meant but it soon led to Sandy Bay Divers.

Through these same friends and their growing love of diving and the relationship they had forged with SBD, its previous owner, and staff, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase this well established business. Immediately, I told myself, "Go for it!"

Just a few short months later the deal was closed and I was on my way.

Although I have had much to learn, I was given a great foundation on which to build and existing staff with a passion for SBD and Roatan. With their help, it is my sincerest hope to only improve and build on the previous successes established here.

So, if you see me at SBD or on the Island, please say "Hi". I would love to meet you and introduce you to our Sandy Bay Divers family.

Jeff Hartley

"Dive with the pros because that is who we are and what we do."